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Here you will find some of my product designs.
These are my original product designs that have been either manufacturer before or are in current production

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I hope you enjoy my work.

IceLink Watch Company Jewelry Box Prototype

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KUFF Wearable SSD Novelty Box

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IceLink Watch Company Official 6TZ Box

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KUFF Wearable SSD Prototype for Max Edition featuring up to 2TB of Storage

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KUFF Wearable SSD Prototype for Mini Edition featuring 128GB of Storage

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About Me

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, I am a young serial entrepreneur and very often, a mad scientist.

I always lacked the patience to sit and wait in a classroom.
I believe it’s because I really want to turn my ideas into reality.

From a young age, I dabbled in technology, having built my first computer at 12 years old;
post-dating the disassembly and reassembly of Sony video game systems by about 3 years.

My skills include many talents which involve art, science, and technology. Whatever that means.

In the last several years, I have founded and developed a few unique products which I love to share with everyone I meet. 

In 2008, I founded my first company,
Websistant, where we create amazing projects and invaluable tools for the future of the web, and the world.

Subsequently, realizing I should further my formal education, I attended the University of California, Irvine and majored in Cognitive Science and Computer Science.

Mentoring with sites and apps all over the web, I developed a keen understanding for the future of the web.

Proud Member of
ROTARY International in California (2010 - Present)

I plan to travel the world and make this planet a better environment for everyone to live.

I am responsible for over 240 Corporate Trademarks with names and artworks (some of my own included):-)

What I Know Best…..

Product Development:

KUFF (researching for claims against competitors due to trademark and patent violations against KUFF….being copied by

Relevant Skills to My Industry
· Graphic Design with all Industry standard applications
· Product Design including Packaging, Jewelry, and Human-Interaction Devices
· Interface & Use Design with concentration on UI/UX Design, Multi-Language Multi-Platform Barrier Breaking via Experiential Design
· Branding & Marketing for Packaging and Product Development via Digital and Distribution

Software & Language Skills
· Guru in SaaS applications, Microsoft Enterprise Integration, CRM software including Sugar, GoldMine, Stitch, Asana, and QuickBooks.
· An in-depth understanding of JavaScript, HTML5, Hive, CSS3, Python, C++, C#, F#, AJAX, PHP, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, mvc.NET, and more…I only learn languages I need and want, everything else can just be utilized by a compiler (don’t lie to yourself)
· Multi-Operating System Proficiency including but not limited to: Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Android, iOS, and more!
· Application and Prototyping Research including entity development and data modeling for Prototyping


What takes up my time these days…

2013 - Present // Co-Creator/ Board of Directors - Director of Technology & Product Development -

IcedJewels is a multi-channel e-commerce platform for shopping in gold, silver, and diamond or cz jewelry. At IcedJewels, we are aiming toward amazing deals and an easy to use shopping experience that will beat the competition and keep users shining!

2012-2013 Memrise // Mentor & Community Member

Cognitive developmental mentor to help develop new methods of understanding memorization to adapt the network’s tools to the web as well as increase the user base.

2008-2014 // Enterprise Product Development - NLE SYSTEMS

NLE Systems is an Enterprise Integrations Company serving Educational, Defense, Government, and Private Corporate Industries.

2009 - Present // Founder & Board Member - Websistant

Websistant is a multi-national hardware and software development firm with an emphasis on making new and unique products that drive human computer interaction with active branches in U.S.A., India, and Canada.

2009 - Present // CEO & Founder - BONZOI

BONZOI is a new way to read, create, and monetize content including your writing and digital graphics. It aims to be the new way to publish saving millions on the current standard publishing process. Finding an agent and printing your book is now a click of a button away.

20011 - Present // CEO & Founder - KUFF

KUFF is a wearable solid state streaming device for audio and video via USB 3.0. Patent pending, KUFF is attempting to break the wearables market, with this unique and incognito device that holds a TON of data, not just last nights homework!

2015 - Current // Board of Directors - Director of Technology & Product Development - IceLink

IceLink is the manufacturer and lifestyle brand that produces luxury/high-end watches and jewelry featured in publications all over the world. Integrated multi-channel software and full turn-key e-commerce solutions to boost corporate sales and production.

2010 - Present // CEO & Founder - Cosmythology

Cosmythology is a content driven SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) for data monitoring and analytics, bringing you demographic data never seen before anywhere on the web for Free! Every company pays thousands to get user analytics and data which should in fact be Free! This is public consumer electronic reporting that should be publicly available to everyone so that the playing ground for the economy can be even. Not favoriting those who have loopholes to purchase leads or case studies on similar tactics

2015 - Present // CEO -

Hotel Pepper is a hotel booking and comparison site set out to make the process of getting the cheapest prices on hotel rooms much easier than it is now with real honest reviews not tweaked by the network and an awesome user interface that allows each user to share their opinion about their travels through our future stories module. Currently, we are setting out for Venture Capital funding in the 3rd Seed. This funding will be used to perfect our review method system, update our pricing caluclaton modules for hotels worldwide with current rate changes of currency and the implementation of story trails for each users travels.


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